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Utah is No. 1 in [blush, blush] humility, according to website

First Published      Last Updated Dec 05 2014 01:30 pm

Well oh my heck. Really? No. I'm blushing.


Well the website HeyLets.com ranked Utah the most humble state in the country. Now the study is far from scientific, but golly, this is so flattering and unexpected.

Here's how the study went down, according to a news release: "To analyze the nation's self-promotional habits, online sharing experts at HeyLets — a new mobile app that allows people to share amazing experiences without social pressure to look cool or impress each other — asked 2,500 Americans who participate in social media to rate the number of posts they typically make on potentially self-promotional topics [such as trips to special locations, attendance at memorable events and work-related good news]."

Only 22 percent of Utahns claim to post these type of self-promoting posts. Oregon came in second at 26 percent.

And the biggest self-promoters? Well Utahns are humble and it might seem like bragging to say, but since you asked.

The folks in California come in at No. 1 with 77 percent frequently engaging in self-promotion. Second is Washington at 76 percent.

Here's the top 10 biggest self-promoters

No. 1 • California

No. 2 • Washington

No. 3 • Nevada

No. 4 • Maryland

No. 5 • New Hampshire

No. 6 • Illinois

No. 7 • Virginia

No. 8 • Oklahoma

No. 9 • New Jersey

No. 10 • New York

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