With bat encounters seemingly on the rise, Utah wildlife experts offer these 7 safety tips

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This Utah river played a part in Salt Lake City's beer-brewing history and now it could help restore a Victorian mansion

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Thanksgiving is a great time to get outdoors and see wild turkeys in Utah

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Still a chance to cut your own Christmas tree in Utah on BLM lands

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Six ways to take in Utah's amazing Pando aspen grove — the most massive single living thing on the planet

Erin Alberty By Erin Alberty 4d ago

Hike to the Pando overlook for a glimpse of the world's most massive known living thing

Erin Alberty By Erin Alberty 4d ago

Utah’s Pando aspen grove is the most massive living thing known on Earth. It may die soon.

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Cedar City history comes alive in state park festival

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Kayenta Trail: A slightly less crowded route to Zion’s Emerald Pools

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Erin Alberty: I actually liked my ski fitness class, and now I’m having an identity crisis

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Deadline looming to apply for coveted Utah hunting permit

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In one of the last Utah towns where you can see the Milky Way, a new observatory opens ‘a portal to the cosmos’

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Major changes could be coming for Utah's deer and elk hunts

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Time to get a permit for cutting a Christmas tree in a Utah national forest

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When hiking with small children turns to tribulation, seek ye the Trail Troll

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How Pokémon Go encourages players to get outside and meet other people

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Utah releasing 10,000 pheasants across state as part of monthlong hunt starting Saturday

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As days grow short, look to Ensign Peak for a primo sunset hike

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Celebrate ‘International Observe the Moon Night at locations throughout Utah on Saturday

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Deer hunt appears to have tailed off from a year ago

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At Dinosaur National Monument, two hiking trails far apart

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How’s $70 to get in to one of your favorite National Parks?

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Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge a throwback to when politicians were united in protecting wildlife and wilderness

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With hunting season hitting full swing this weekend, keep the Utah Turn-in-a-Poacher hotline in mind

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