An Asian restaurant in South Salt was shut down Friday for the second time in two years after Salt Lake County Health Department inspectors found more than 40 violations, including “a significant amount of mice feces throughout the facility.”

Rodent droppings were found “on the water heater, floor, plates and warewashing machine” at Wa Me House, 285 E. 2700 South, according to a report on the department website.

The restaurant was immediately closed after the routine visit for creating an “imminent health hazard,” the report says. The business will remain shuttered until the owners fix problems and health inspectors deem it safe for the public.

Among the most critical violations inspectors found:

• Meat slicer is unclean to sight and touch.

• Interior surfaces of the ventilation hood are heavily soiled with accumulations of grease.

• Cooked vegetables being held at too high of a temperature, which could cause bacteria to grow.

• Raw chicken is stored above ready to eat foods in the walk-in cooler.

• Fish is not commercially purchased.

• Food is being stored on the floor in the walk in freezer. Food in the walk-in cooler is not covered to prevent contamination.

• A sign in the women’s restroom asks patrons not to flush toilet paper.

• Grocery bags are being used for long term storage.

• Trash cans are being used to store food.

Wa Me House also was shut down by the health department in June of 2016 for creating various human health hazards, including using drinking water from an unapproved system.