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In celebration of its 40th anniversary, the Utah Arts Festival is offering free admission on its opening day, Thursday, June 23. “We’re so excited about the opportunity to kick-off this year with a fr...

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    Utah Arts Festival Opens with Free Day
    In celebration of its 40th anniversary, the Utah Arts Festival is offering free admission on its opening day, Thursday, June 23. “We’re so excited abo...
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    Top 5 reasons why you should consider dual immersion for your child
    One of the most difficult decisions parents will make is where their children will attend school. More than 10 percent of Utah’s public school student...
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    Volunteers Needed to Keep Utah Arts Festival Running
    Are you a fan of the Utah Arts Festival? Did you know that every year it takes more than 1,000 volunteers to run the four-day event at Library Square?...
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    3 Reasons to Staycation in Bark City
    When the snow melts away and the flowers bloom, Park City transforms into a perfect spring paradise. Park City is truly the perfect shoulder season de...
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    Ready, Set, Go!: Top 8 Reasons to be Part of the Salt Lake City Marathon
    Whether you’re a seasoned athlete going after a personal record or are new and ready to conquer your first 5K, this year’s Salt Lake City Marathon is ...
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    Utah Company Named To Fortune 100 Best Companies To Work For List
    When employee recognition is a company’s entire reason for being, it’s natural to wonder how well it does with its own workers. If that company is O.C...
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    Love UT, Give UT: Celebrate a Day of Giving on March 31
    Are you looking for a way to give back to a cause you’re passionate about? Your opportunity is quickly approaching. On Thursday, March 31, Utah will c...
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    Ogden’s Own Distillery is Bringing Porter to the Party
    Since opening its doors in 2009, Ogden’s Own Distillery has grown into a local favorite among bars, restaurants and customers. The homegrown distiller...
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    5 Things To Consider If You Want to Have the Best Stargazing Experience in Utah
    Holiday River Expeditions and Clark Planetarium are teaming up to offer Dark Sky Stargazing Trips from early May until early October 2016. The moun...
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    Ready to Party? Top 5 Reasons to Join the Utah Arts Festival’s Masquerade Party
    Are you a fan of the Utah Arts Festival? Now you don’t have to wait until summer to support your favorite annual arts event. On Saturday, Feb. 20...
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    One Solar Working To Improve Lives Around The World
    Last year, during their first visit to Haiti, the owners of One Solar couldn’t help but notice that the distressed people of the Western hemisphere’s ...
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    Alzheimer’s diagnosis projected to increase 50 percent in Utah by 2025
    Alzheimer’s isn’t just a disease that robs individuals of their livelihoods—it is an epidemic with staggering financial costs for families and the com...
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    Ririe-Woodbury brings full works of American Master Alwin Nikolais to the Capitol Theater
    Since its 1964 founding, Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company has enriched the Utah community through dance and education. Its goal has been to make dance acc...
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    BTG Wine Bar and Caffé Molise: Food and Wine Pairing for Anyone--from Beginners to Connoisseurs
    Fred Moesinger has long loved food and wine, though he admits there was a time when the pairing of the two seemed a mysterious art. Having gone from b...
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    Top 8 reasons to attend EVE WinterFest this year
    Are you looking for an exciting way to ring in the New Year? Look no further than EVE WinterFest! This three-day celebration opens the best of downtow...
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    Giving back: How you can support those living with Alzheimer’s Disease and their caregivers
    An estimated 5.3 million Americans of all ages have Alzheimer’s disease. By 2025, the number of people age 65 and older with Alzheimer’s disease is ...
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