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Dolores “Lolita” Medina wishes that she were armed in 2007 with information she has now. “I don’t think I got the lowest rate on our loan than we could have gotten now,” she said. “I do feel like what we …

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    Five ways to make fitness fun for the entire family
    Schedules fill quickly, and days that feel productive rarely include activities that focus on families, and their fitness. “We’re all getting busier...
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    Tech tools for success make Conference important for Women in business
    Dolores “Lolita” Medina wishes that she were armed in 2007 with information she has now. “I don’t think I got the lowest rate on our loan than we c...
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    10 reasons to let Gardner Village’s WitchFest cast a spell on you
    If you’ve been itchin’ for a witchin’, your time has come—WitchFest 2015 is here! Gardner Village has been taken over by its infamous witches who have...
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    Thinking of opening or expanding your business? Top 17 industries for SBA loans in Utah
    If you’re thinking of opening a business or expanding your existing business, you might need help with financing. U.S. Small Business Administration ...
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    UMFA fall season features art legends and rising star
    Whether you love traditional landscape paintings or cutting-edge contemporary art, you’ll discover the best of both this fall at the Utah Museum of Fi...

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    Pain doesn’t go away on its own, here’s how to fix it for good
    Chad Tenney, Owner and Physical Therapist, at Utah Physical Therapy, Inc. sees everything. As the Physical Therapist for the Winter Olympic Institute ...
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    A Feast For The Eyes – And The Appetites – During ‘Dine About’ in Park City
    When produce is in season, it’s hard not to gorge on plump tomatoes, sweet corn, or tart and glossy cherries. But what happens when a region’s resta...
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    Top 5 reasons to become a Girl Scout volunteer
    #1 Make a Difference in Girls’ Lives: Girl Scout volunteers play a huge role in providing girls with fun opportunities for adventure, friendship, and ...

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    Salt Lake Greek Festival marks 40 years of fabulous tradition
    Salt Lake City’s largest ethnic event is celebrating its 40th Anniversary and is rejoicing in style. From the humble beginnings in the basement of H...
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    WSU MBA Takes Trust-Based Approach to Business
    According to the Edelman Trust Barometer, trust in business and financial institutions has scarcely risen above 50 percent for most of the last decade...
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    7 Reasons to Plan Your Bear Lake Getaway Today
    Known as the “Caribbean of the Rockies,” Bear Lake is a cherished treasure for many Utahns. And while the glistening blue waters and warm sandy beache...
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    9 Reasons the Best Utah Farmers Market is Already Under Your Nose
    Saturday mornings in Pioneer Park at the Downtown Farmers Market are already jam-packed with some of the best deals on locally sourced products, food ...
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    Nine things you don’t want to miss at the Moab Music Festival
    Where’s a better place to be in September if not beautiful, red rock-ringed Moab? The Moab Music Festival (MMF), now in its twenty third year, was fou...

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    Walking to End Alzheimer’s & Recognize Caregivers, The Unsung Heroes
    “It was the most difficult thing I have ever done in my life, but it was also one of the best.” That’s how Merrill Cook describes his role as pr...
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    World-Class Hip-Hop finds a home in Salt Lake City
    Hip-hop in Salt Lake City isn’t a secret anymore. Decades ago, the inspiration for Salt Lake’s fledgling hip-hop culture was traditionally in its de...
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    7 surprising facts about the Utah Shakespeare Festival
    When you visit the Utah Shakespeare Festival, you’re stepping outside of your world and into a timeless era of music, storytelling, dancing and fun. ...
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    Top 10 reasons you don’t want to miss the Summit County Fair
    In the dog days of August, the mind wanders to corn dogs, carnivals, cowboys, and queens. See them all in the Summit County countryside. This year’s ...

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    Holmes Homes parade entries exhibit homebuilder’s excellence
    Builders at Holmes Homes don’t bat an eye when it comes to showcasing their home that starts in the low-$400,000s up against multi-million dollar home...
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    Season tickets to Pioneer Theatre Company about more than saving money
    Every season ticket to the Pioneer Theatre Company’s 2015-2016 season is more than just admittance, according to Artistic Director Karen Azenberg. T...
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    Top 5 things your child will learn by spending time on a farm for a school year
    1. You reap what you sow If you plant a sunflower seed and expect a watermelon to grow you will be disappointed. Seems logical right? The problem...
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    Companies Enhancing the Way We Live, Work and Play
    Utah is home to many great organizations that enhance the way we live, work and play. In the annual Best of State awards programs, several homegrown o...
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    Utah Museum of Contemporary Arts Going Beyond Traditional Museums
    Kristian Anderson, Executive Director of the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art, knows well the impact contemporary art can have in any community. He ...
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    Summer’s Longest Day To Help End Alzheimer’s
    Over 29,000 Utahns have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. One hundred and forty-two thousand caregivers are providing over 162 Million hours of...
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    ‘Bigger Faster Stronger’ Impacting Generations in Utah
    When Bigger Faster Stronger (BFS) first opened its doors nearly 40 years ago, the company couldn’t have foreseen the impact it would have in the fitne...
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    Seven reasons to book your Zion fall getaway now!
    Zion National Park is one of the Wasatch Front’s most popular getaway destinations. Why not see it in the fall when the temperature is cooler, the cr...
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    Four Companies Making Waves in Utah
    Utah boasts one of America’s most vibrant economies, which is in part due to the many outstanding businesses that call Utah home. Each year, the Best ...
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    Three Wishes a Week – Three Reasons to Give
    There’s nothing sweeter than a smile shared by a child. Most Utah children have many reasons to smile, but there are some who have endured the immeasu...
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    3 things to consider when dining at the biggest outdoor party
    Outdoor dining has gained popularity over the past couple years and Park City’s Savor the Summit on Saturday, June 20 at 6:00 p.m. is one of the best ...
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    New Partnership & Legislation Mean Three Times As Many Children With Autism Can Be Helped
    The magical experience of becoming a parent, as Dave Wilbur describes it, is beautiful. “You don’t know this person,” he said. “You never met. But t...
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    Six Tips to Get Your Body Summer-Ready
    You might be ready for summer, but is your body? After a winter of keeping things hidden under long sleeves and pants, chances are it’s time for some ...
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    (Dan Campbell Photography) 5 Reasons to Plan Your Park City Getaway
    With summer right around the corner, now is the perfect time to start planning your Park City getaway. Whether you’re seeking an unforgettable outdoor...
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    Woman builder of high rises tells her story
    It is spring time and that always means it’s time for the Utah Hispanic Chamber’s Annual Convention. This year, the 24 year old organization is holdi...
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    Study Shows How Concussions Can Affect Your Brain
    Concussions are incredibly dangerous and present a wide number of health problems to those who suffer even one. Though partially preventable, concussi...
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    Cuisine Unlimited on Corporate Summer Parties Done Right
    Summer is fast approaching and with it comes great parties and fun times. If you think the corporate world is excluded from these shenanigans, guess a...
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    6 websites that really pay
    A lot of websites out there ask for your money, but what about sites that pay you? There are more opportunities than ever to make a little extra mo...
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    From Haircuts to Conservation: How Life Salon and Spa is Beautifying the Community
    When you step into Life Salon and Spa, you receive more than an uplifting and beautifying experience—you become part of a larger mission to enhance th...
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    Get Your Art Fix Affordably at the Utah Arts Festival
    In Salt Lake City, we are lucky to have many avenues to experience art, and dollar for dollar, it’s easy to feel the value when experienced with frien...
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