Music: Motley Crue's latest utterly forgettable

Published June 30, 2008 8:41 pm

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Motley Crue, "Saints of Los Angeles"

Grade: C+

Music: Somehow, drummer Tommy Lee was allowed back into the band, and the Los Angeles quartet has releashed its first album in eight years.

The 13 tracks on this release are the musical equivalent of their 2001 tell-all book, "The Dirt," which chronicled the band's sleazy rise and fall.

This is a concept album, and the first half is the most fun, detailing the band's ascent despite (or perhaps because of) drugs, loose women, venereal diseases and other trappings of fame.

The first half of the album features the catchy glam rock that acts as if it's 1988 again. The latter half, as the band sings about the bad times, isn't as memorable, with the exception of the second-half of the chorus to their song "This Ain't A Love Song": "This is a f___ song."