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Rep. Paul Ray (R-Clearfield) speaks during a Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Interim Committee meeting about the Federal 1033 Program in the House Building Wednesday September 17, 2014.  The Federal 1033 Program distributes surplus military weapons and equipment to local law enforcement agencies. Trib Talk: Should sex traffickers get the death penalty in Utah?
    State Rep. Paul Ray, R-Clearfield, wants to include child-sex trafficking in the list of crimes that qualify for the death penalty. On Wednesday at 12...
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    Trib Talk live: What will be the role of bicycles in bike-friendly Utah’s future?
    Utah has been ranked No. 5 on a list of bicycle-friendly states by the League of American Bicyclists, thanks to safety programs, bike lanes and a stat...
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    This photo released by Disney shows, Thomas Robinson, as young Frank Walker, in a scene from Disney's Trib Geek A&E Roundup: #ThanksDave, ‘Tomorrowland’ and local TV ratings
    At 12:15 p.m. Friday, Tribune TV critic Scott Pierce, movie critic Sean P. Means and arts and entertainment reporter Kathy Stephenson talk about the w...
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    Behind the Headlines: Swallow faces new charge, prison move draws critics, SLC east side lacks cops
    Prosecutors line up witnesses and file a new money-laundering charge against former Utah Attorney General John Swallow. Attendees at a public forum on...
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    Trib Talk: Tesla and the Utah auto market
    Tesla Motors built an auto showroom in Salt Lake City that it can’t use, thanks to Utah law that prohibits carmakers from owning dealerships. But Tesl...
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    Trib Talk: Utahns weigh pros and cons of medical marijuana
    Last week, Gov. Gary Herbert said he’s changed his mind on medical marijuana, saying he’s open to the idea if science shows it’s an effective treatmen...
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    Trib Talk: Debate continues over Healthy Utah
    While top state officials continue hammering out a Medicaid expansion compromise, any plan will still need to win over a skeptical legislature. On Tu...
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    Trib Talk: Why should Utah move its prison?
    A series of public meetings kicks off this week on the five possible locations for a new state prison site. State Sen. Jerry Stevenson and Tribune re...
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Rock band Smash Mouth performs June 30 at the Snow Park Amphitheatre at Deer Valley. Trib Talk Geeks: A&E roundup, ‘OIL’ and the summer concert lineup
    On Friday at 12:15 p.m., Tribune TV critic Scott Pierce, movie critic Sean P. Means and arts and entertainment reporter Kathy Stephenson talk about th...
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    Behind the headlines: Salt Lake Democrats spar, Utah GOP relents on election changes, autism experts come to Utah
    Utah Republicans reluctantly agree to go along with changes to the election process spurred by the Count My Vote movement. Salt Lake County Mayor Ben ...
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    Trib Talk: Do solar-equipped customers save or cost Rocky Mountain Power money?
    Rocky Mountain Power wants residents who have installed solar panels to pay a fee to help maintain the power grid, but that doesn’t sit well with sola...
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    Trib Talk: What genetics, brain imaging and psychology are teaching us about autism
    Top autism experts are converging in Salt Lake City this week to exchange information about the disorder and discuss new discoveries and treatments. ...
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    Trib Talk: New DEQ head Alan Matheson on air quality, depleted uranium
    After four years as Gov. Gary Herbert’s senior environmental adviser, Alan Matheson will become the state’s top environmental regulator. On Tuesday a...
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    Trib Talk: BYU football and the Honor Code
    Is Brigham Young University’s strict code of behavior holding back its football team? On Monday at 12:15 p.m., Tribune sports columnist Gordon Monson,...
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    Trib Geek: A&E Roundup: Where to eat for Mother’s Day, Marvel has a problem, RSL in Chicago
    On Friday at 12:15 p.m., Tribune TV critic Scott Pierce, movie critic Sean P. Means and arts and entertainment reporter Kathy Stephenson talk about th...
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    Behind the headlines: Dixie State drops limits on free spech, new science standards start debate and is Utah running out of water?
    9 a.m. • Dixie State University drops limits on free speech in response to students’ legal action. Professors at Utah Valley University claim the pres...
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    Trib Talk: Why Utah needs better water data
    Utah has been relying on out-of-date data to guide its water policy, state auditors say. On Thursday at 12:15 p.m., Utah Department of Natural Resourc...
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    Trib Talk: Housing the homeless solved, moving the shelter still a question mark
    While state officials celebrate effectively ending chronic homelessness in Utah, the question of whether to move homeless services away from Pioneer P...
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    Trib Talk: Utah coal to be exported to Asia?
    Four Utah counties want to invest in an export hub in Oakland, Calif., in order to ship coal and other resources abroad. Proponents say it would open ...
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    Trib Talk: The Envision Utah survey and how you can weigh in on planning the state’s future
    If the projections are right, Utah's population is set to double by 2050. So what does that mean for the water we drink, the homes we build and life a...
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    Book cover for Utah Lit: 'Tributary' by Barbara K. Richardson
    Barbara K. Richardson’s novel “Tributary” celebrates independence, personal grit, the broad definition of family and wide open spaces.  On Friday at 1...
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    Behind the Headlines: LGBT protesters get probation, GOP considers screening candidates, Marsden retires
    GOP leaders consider a plan to screen and pick candidates rather than use the state’s new nominating process. Ten of the group of LGBT activists calle...
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    Trib Talk: University of Utah coach Greg Marsden on gymnastics, retirement
    In his 40 years as head coach, Greg Marsden created a gymnastics powerhouse at the University of Utah, winning 10 national titles and drawing sell-out...
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4th Congressional District candidate Carl Wimmer. The Utah Republican Party held its nominating convention Saturday, April 21 2012 in Sandy at the South Towne Exposition Center. Trib Talk: Mormon political clout, too much or just right?
    Is the LDS Church a bully on Utah’s Capitol Hill, or does the state’s dominant religion wield the right amount of political influence? On Wednesday, f...
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    Trib Talk: Mormonism of the future
    How does a global faith negotiate cultural and sociological pressures while retaining its distinctive religious appeal? That’s a question Mormon socio...
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    Trib Talk: Should depleted uranium be stored in Utah’s West Desert?
    Public comment on a plan that would allow EnergySolutions to bury depleted uranium in Tooele County is on hold, giving the company more time to answer...
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    (Scott Sommerdorf  l  The Salt Lake Tribune)  
Former Utah Governor Norm Bangerter (right) describes some of the Commision's findings as current Utah Governor Gary Herbert listens at left. The Commission to Optimize State Government members presented Utah Gov. Gary Herbert with its report ñ the result of a nearly yearlong effort to identify areas for increased efficiency within State government  in Salt Lake City on Thursday, August 19, 2010. Behind the Headlines: Dabakis out, Bangerter remembered, uranium plan on hold
    Political allies and opponents fondly remember former Gov. Norm Bangerter, who died Tuesday. State officials hit the pause button for public comment o...
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    Trib Geek: A&E best bets for your weekend
    On Friday at 12:15 p.m., Tribune movie critic Sean P. Means, food writer Kathy Stephenson and TV critic Scott Pierce talk about mini-bottles, seafood ...
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    Trib Talk: The impact of looming water shortages on Utahns
    Despite this week’s spring snowfall, state and local officials are bracing for drought and encouraging conservation. On Thursday at 12:15 p.m., Salt L...
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    Trib Talk: What the numbers say about Utah
    The Utah Effect - the Tribune’s series of stories highlighting statistics that help explain the Beehive state - has revealed Utah as a state with a hi...
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