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Jennifer Napier-Pearce

    Trib Talk: Explaining school grades
    How is your neighborhood school performing? Two sets of grades came out on every school in Utah yesterday, one from the governor’s office and one from...
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    Trib Talk: Utah’s starring role in Sundance ‘15
    From a film on Warren Jeffs’ brand of polygamy to the story of four young Polynesian football players, Utahns and Utah have landed a prominent place i...
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    Trib Talk: Geeking out over this weekend’s Utah entertainment options
    After a long week, get your geek on with “Exodus: Gods and Kings,” and other movies opening up this weekend. You can also lament with us the winter fi...
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    Behind the Headlines: Prison possibilities, Count My Vote lawsuit, speed limit v. air quality
    Cities jockey to get off the prison-relocation short list. The Utah GOP sues the state on the Count My Vote compromise bill. Gov. Gary Herbert unveil...
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    Trib Talk: Getting Mormons to talk race
    A year after an LDS Church essay pegged racism as the root cause of its former priesthood ban for black men, race remains off the radar in most of its...
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    Trib Talk: Are U.S. interrogation techniques torture?
    In a report to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, the Central Intelligence Agency has revealed that it used simulated drowning and other har...
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    Trib Talk: Count My Vote and the GOP lawsuit
    The Utah Republican Party is suing GOP Gov. Herbert over a bill passed by the overwhelmingly Republican legislature. And a spokesman for the governor ...
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    Trib Talk: Where should the new state prison be built?
    A commission released its short list of sites for a new state prison, with several locations causing local leaders heartburn.  On Monday at 12:15 p.m....
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    Behind the Headlines: Stericycle settlement, new prison sites, third term for Becker?
    Utah regulators have settled with incinerator Stericycle for air quality violations. The state wants to move the prison, but cities don’t want it. Law...
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    Trib Talk: A library that’s open 24 hours a day every day
    Salt Lake City is considering opening its main library downtown for round-the-clock service. On Thursday at 12:15 p.m., library executive director Jo...
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    Trib Talk: Does public land transfer to Utah pencil out?
    Utah could afford to take over federal public lands if energy production and prices stay at current levels, a new study by three economists concludes....
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    Trib Talk: Why so many fatal shootings by police?
    Use of lethal force by law enforcement has been the second-leading cause of homicides in Utah since 2010. On Monday at 12:15 p.m., Utah Fraternal Ord...
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    Trib Talk: Geeking out on Thanksgiving with ‘Penguins of Madagascar,’ ‘Horrible Bosses 2’ and more
    After you’ve gorged yourself and passed out from the tryptophan in your turkey, get your geek on with “Penguins of Madagascar,” “The Theory of Everyth...
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    Trib Talk: Going local on your Thanksgiving table
    Utah’s harvest won’t give you cranberries, but you can find many locally produced Thanksgiving staples including turkeys, root veggies and wine. On T...
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    Trib Talk: Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker
    As newly-sworn-in president of the National League of Cities, Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker intends to push for a law requiring online businesses ...
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    Utah Lit: 'The Lost Book of Mormon' by Avi Steinberg live chat at 12:15 p.m.
    From the streets of Jerusalem to the jungles of Central America, writer Avi Steinberg sets off on a quest to explore the sites described in the Book o...
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    Behind the Headlines: Immigration, 70 mph speed limits and new rules for Uber, Lyft streams at 9 a.m.
    Utahns react to President Obama’s action on immigration. Law enforcement weighs in on a plan to bump freeway speed limits to 70 mph. Salt Lake City co...
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    Trib Talk: Obama’s immigration reform plan
    President Barack Obama will announce his plans to revamp the nation’s immigration system, a move that irks many in Congress but which reform advocates...
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    Trib Talk: Your guide to Election 2014
    Ready for Election Day? If not, watch this primer to get up to speed on the candidates, issues and constitutional amendments on this year’s ballot. ...
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    Trib Talk: Geeking out over Halloween TV, films and new flicks like ‘Birdman’
    Want to know all the latest in entertainment for the weekend? At 12:15 p.m. Friday, join Tribune movie critic Sean Means, TV critic Scott D. Pierce an...
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    State schools superintendent designee Brad Smith was a guest on Trib Talk on Thursday, Oct. 30, 2014. Trib Talk: New Utah school superintendent Brad Smith
    Brad Smith’s hiring as Utah’s next state school superintendent brought cheers from school reformers but jeers from some former employees. On Thursday...
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    Matt Pacneza of HEAL Utah was a guest on Trib Talk on Wednesday, Oct. 29, 2014. Trib Talk: What will it take to speed up Tier 3 standards?
    Using low-sulfur gas could clean up vehicle emissions by up to 11 percent, but local refineries say making the cleaner fuel isn’t easy or cheap. Shoul...
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    Trib Talk: Geeking out over ‘Interstellar,’ ‘Big Hero 6’ and ‘Doctor Who’ season finale
    Excited about the big movies opening this weekend? On pins and needles about the season finale of “Doctor Who?” So are we! Come geek out with Tribune ...
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    Behind the Headlines: What happened Tuesday?
    The second time is the charm for Republican Mia Love, who clinched the 4th Congressional seat Tuesday. Utah’s senior senator will become the GOP’s sen...
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    Trib Talk: Utah autism research finds new genetic clues
    Utah has a high incidence of autism — that’s nothing new. But did you know that the University of Utah is one of the universities at the forefront of...
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    Trib Talk: Election 2014 analysis
    From Congressional candidates to state legislators to the local school board, the votes are in and the people’s voice has been heard. On Wednesday at ...
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    Trib Talk: Obamacare exchanges reopen next week; any questions?
    Got health insurance? Open enrollment on the federal and state marketplaces begins Nov. 15, so what plans will be available and how much will benefit...
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