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Jennifer Napier-Pearce

    Trib Talk: Utah vs. Duke in the Sweet 16
    12:15 pm. • Fifth-seed Utah (26-8) takes on top seed Duke (31-4) in an NCAA Sweet 16 men’s basketball matchup Friday at 7:45 p.m. MDT in Houston. Utah...
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    Behind the Headlines: Firing squads return, Stericyle could burn more, Dabakis may run, Google is coming to SLC
    Firing squads return as an option for inmates on Utah’s Death Row. Stericycle plans to burn even more medical waste at a proposed Tooele County plant....
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    Marilee Moon was a guest on Trib Talk on Thursday, March 26, 2015. Utah Lit: 'The Never-Open Desert Diner' by James Anderson
    “The Never-Open Desert Diner,” the debut novel by James Anderson set in Central Utah, is filled with eccentrics, desert light and mystery. On Thursday...
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    (Leah Hogsten  |  The Salt Lake Tribune)  
Utah Governor Gary Herbert addresses the media Tuesday, February 25, 2014 with his concerns about the state's budget, education, air quality and the state prison's relocation. Trib Talk: Utah Gov. Gary Herbert talks about bills he's signed and those he hasn't yet
    For Utah Gov. Gary Herbert, the 2015 Legislative Session isn't quite finished as he contemplates hundreds of bills to either sign or veto. On Wednesd...
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    Trib Talk: School accountability or teacher competency?
    Lawmakers approved a funding boost for Utah schools, but some educators find comments made during the legislative debate insulting. On Tuesday at 12:1...
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    Ryan Bowcutt was a guest on Trib Talk on Monday, March 23, 2015. Trib Talk: Faith crisis or BYU diploma?
    Students who lose their Mormon faith while studying at Brigham Young University can be expelled, but a group of BYU graduates is trying to change the ...
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    Trib Talk: Best bets for weekend entertainment options
    Entertainment options abound this weekend, from a Q&A with filmmaker Tyler Measom to the final episode of “Glee” to Utah Opera’s handsome production o...
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    Behind the Headlines: Stillbirths, immigration and the flap over moving the Utah prison
    Greg Miller steps down as CEO of the Utah Jazz. A study reveals a spike in infant deaths in the Uinta Basin, but not the cause. An immigration expert ...
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    State environmental epidemiologist Sam LeFevre was a guest on Trib Talk on Thursday, March 19, 2015. Trib Talk: Why are stillbirths increasing in the Uinta Basin?
    A Utah Department of Health study has confirmed an uptick in the number of stillbirths and infant deaths in the Uinta Basin, but did not attribute the...
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    Trib Talk: What low vaccination rates mean for Utah schools
    More Utah parents are opting out of getting their school-aged children immunized, according to data compiled by The Salt Lake Tribune. On Tuesday at ...
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    Trib Talk: Utes, Cougars and the rest in the NCAA Tournament
    With the brackets set and seeds revealed, March Madness has officially arrived. On Monday at 12:15 p.m., Tribune columnist Kurt Kragthorpe and beat r...
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    Trib Talk: Ups and downs of the 2015 Utah Legislature
    Utah’s 2015 legislative session has been filled with controversy and compromise, from the firing squad to nondiscrimination legislation to Medicaid ex...
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    Behind the Headlines: 2015 Utah legislature wraps up
    Between the contentious Medicaid debate, the return of the firing squad, a close vote on medical marijuana and landmark legislation on LGBT rights and...
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    Trib Geek: ‘Community’ returns, St. Pat’s Day brings local stouts
    The sitcom “Community” gets a new life on Yahoo, “The Royals” bring over-the-top soap opera to prime time and locals celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with...
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    Trib Talk: Is Bear River Project the answer to Utah’s thirst?
    As Utah’s thirst for water grows, is tapping into the Bear River a viable option? Utah Division of Water Resources director Eric Millis, University ...
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    Sen. Stephen Urquhart was a guest on Trib Talk on Monday, March 9, 2015. Trib Talk: What's happening with the LGBT/religious liberties debate?
    The debate continues over a carefully crafted compromise bill that aims to ban discrimination against LGBT people while offering narrow religious-lib...
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    Behind the Headlines: House rejects Healthy Utah, anti-bias bill clears first hurdle, committee OKs medical marijuana
    A House committee voted down Healthy Utah, but sent an alternative plan to the full House. A “model” anti-LGBT discrimination and religious liberty bi...
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    Trib Talk: A&E roundup - films, food and flowers
    An LDS film festival will feature movies about faith under fire, The Salt Lake Tribune Home and Garden Festival aims to inspire and piano prodigy Conr...
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    Trib Talk: The medical marijuana debate in Utah
    The medical marijuana debate has finally come to Utah’s Capitol, with supporters urging compassion for those with chronic disease and opponents saying...
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    Trib Talk: Utah women and the leadership gap
    What’s keeping Utah women from climbing to the top of business, political and community organizations? On Wednesday at 12:15 p.m., former state Sen. P...
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    Trib Talk: What does a nondiscrimination, religious freedom bill look like?
    Utah lawmakers continue trying to hammer out legislation that would shield LGBT people from discrimination while also protecting religious freedom. On...
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    Trib Talk: Extreme weather explained
    New NASA research predicts the West and Midwest will experience a drought that could last decades, thanks to global warming. Another study from Utah S...
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    Trib Talk: Aspiring Martian Cody Reeder
    Utah State University geology student Cody Reeder says he wants to be a space pioneer and if his luck continues, he may get the chance. Of the 202,50...
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    Behind the Headlines: Healthy Utah, partisan school boards, Zion Curtain and the homeless shelter
    Lawmakers analyze Medicaid alternatives Healthy Utah and Sen. Allen Christensen’s so-called Vulnerable Utah plan. Utah’s Congressional delegation brin...
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    Trib Talk: A&E roundtable — ‘Shades of Grey,’ ‘SNL,’ Benihana and more
    On Thursday at 12:15 p.m., Tribune television critic Scott Pierce, food writer Kathy Stephenson and features reporter Ellen Fagg Weist talk Oscars, “F...
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    Trib Talk: U.S. options for fighting Islamic State terrorists
    Beheadings in Libya, a shooting spree in Copenhagen and the killing of a young American aid worker are glaring reminders of the growing strength of th...
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    Trib Talk: A midpoint assessment of the Utah Legislature
    We’re halfway through the 2015 Utah legislative session and lawmakers continue to consider measures that would reinstate the firing squad, expand heal...
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    Behind the Headlines: Healthy Utah, religious liberties/anti-bias bill, Dehlin excommunication and Tim Lawson
    The Healthy Utah plan gets compared to the “Frail Utah” plan. Lawmakers unveil a first draft of a combined religious liberties-nondiscrimination bill....
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    Trib Talk: Kathy Stephenson, Scott Pierce talk food, TV
    From Valentine’s Day dining options to ‘Law & Order: Special Victims Unit’ and ‘Better Call Saul,’ we’ve got your weekend covered. On Friday at 12:...
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    Trib Talk: Treatment or incarceration? Policy makers look at criminal justice options
    How should courts and Corrections handle crimes that stem from drug addiction or mental illness? And how can the state reduce recidivism and inmate nu...
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