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    BYU football: Blackmon refers to Jesus, rapper Tupac, causes a stir
    You never know what you are going to get from BYU senior receiver Devon Blackmon — on or off the field — but it is almost always entertaining. Blackm...
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    BYU football: Several suspended, injured players should return for Cincy game
    BYU’s defense in the second half against East Carolina hardly resembled anything coach Bronco Mendenhall had thrown on the field before, with suspensi...
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    BYU football: Bronco, Taysom Hill will discuss Hill’s future after season
    In case you missed it, injured BYU quarterback Taysom Hill has granted a few interviews since his season-ending injury at Nebraska, and basically said...
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    BYU football: Mangum says left knee is fine, but brace is here to stay
    Tanner Mangum set a BYU record for passing yards in a game for a freshman in last week’s 30-13 win over UConn, throwing for 365 yards against a Husky ...
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    BYU football: Former Cougar Vai Sikahema to join Polynesian Football Hall of Fame
    Before he became a well-known television sports and news anchor for an NBC-TV affiliate in Philadelphia, Vai Sikahema was an outstanding running back ...
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    (Scott Sommerdorf   |  The Salt Lake Tribune)  
BYU defensive back Michael Davis (15) celebrates with team mates as BYU stretched its second half lead. BYU beat UCONN 30-13, Friday, October 2, 2015.
BYU football: Charges dismissed, reduced in case against cornerback Michael Davis
    One charge has been reduced and the other dismissed in the case against BYU cornerback Michael Davis for his role in a dispute over a parking space at...
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    BYU football: Defense gearing up for explosive ECU offense
    You gotta love BYU linebackers coach Kelly Poppinga’s frankness. Tuesday, the former Cougar star was asked how good East Carolina’s offense is, and he...
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    BYU football: Luke Staley, Rob Morris to enter BYU Athletics Hall of Fame
    Former BYU football stars Rob Morris and Luke Staley are among five former Cougar All-Americans who will be inducted into the BYU Athletic Hall of Fam...
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    BYU football: Cougs could be happy with 2-2 record, but aren’t
    Earlier this week, I made an attempt to talk BYU fans off the ledge a little bit, saying in this analysis piece that coach Bronco Mendenhall and offen...
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    BYU football: Receivers coach accepts blame for abysmal WR performance vs. Michigan
    BYU receivers coach Guy Holliday did not mince words on Tuesday. The three-year boss of the ball-catchers was disappointed with the way BYU’s outside ...
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    BYU football: Notes and quotes from big loss to Michigan
    Not only were the Cougars thoroughly whipped by Michigan on Saturday, they went away from the 31-0 shellacking a beaten and bruised football team. Co...
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    BYU football: WR Jake Ziolkowski excited to return to Midwest, face Michigan
    He has been with the BYU football team since 2012, but my guess is not many Cougar fans are familiar with Jake Ziolkowski, a wide receiver from Waucon...
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    BYU football: Depleted RB group could be a big concern at the Big House
    After fielding nine questions that were generally pretty specific on Wednesday afternoon when it was the offense’s turn to talk to reporters after BYU...
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    BYU football: Cougars ramp up physicality in practice
    BYU senior defensive lineman Remington Peck called today’s practice one of the most physical and exhausting he has experienced in his time at BYU. Em...
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    BYU football: Cougars to play at Oregon in 2022
    BYU announced on Tuesday that it has agreed to play a football game at the University of Oregon on Sept. 10, 2022. The Ducks will apparently not be ...
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    Bronco: BYU is a good team on verge of becoming a great team, with some work
    BYU football has a new process for the Monday press briefing with coach Bronco Mendenhall this year, and I applaud them for it. Mendenhall now sits a...
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    BYU football: Notes and quotes from 24-23 loss at UCLA
    It struck me last night in the bowels of the Rose Bowl when BYU offensive coordinator Robert Anae made his way to the podium in the visitors media int...
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    BYU football: Big-play Cougs need to sustain some drives tonight vs. UCLA
    Greetings from Pasadena, where the Hail Mary-loving Cougars will take on No. 10 UCLA tonight at the Rose Bowl. Kickoff is at 8:30 p.m. MDT (7:30 here ...
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    BYU football: Taysom Hill says he’ll have foot surgery on Friday
    Injured BYU quarterback Taysom Hill announced via Twitter on Thursday night that he will have surgery to repair a Lisfranc sprain in his foot. “Thank...
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    BYU football: Defense did OK vs. Nebraska, but Tuiloma will be missed
    In the space of about a month, the BYU football team has lost its best two offensive players — quarterback Taysom Hill and running back Jamaal William...
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    BYU football: B-minus for special teams from coach Kelly Poppinga
    Going into the Nebraska-BYU game last Saturday, I figured the Cornhuskers would have the edge in special teams. But the opposite was true. Special t...
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    BYU football: Houk having fun with referee hug from Hail Mary
    By now, everybody in the free world has seen BYU’s Hail Mary play that beat Nebraska, and how No. 11 ran over to the referee signaling touchdown and g...
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    BYU football: Quarterback depth chart is freshman, freshman or freshman
    With Taysom Hill going down for the season again on Saturday in the Cougars’ 33-28 season-opening win over Nebraska, BYU’s depth chart at quarterback ...
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    BYU quarterback Tanner Mangum throws a 42-yard Hail Mary with no time left, which was caught for the game-winning touchdown by wide receiver Mitch Mathews, unseen, giving BYU a 33-28 victory over Nebraska in an NCAA college football game in Lincoln, Neb., Saturday, Sept. 5, 2015. (AP Photo/Nati Harnik) Which BYU Hail Mary was better? Jim McMahon vs. Tanner Mangum
    There’s nothing quite like it in sports. The quarterback drops back, scans deep down the field and hurls the ball as high and far as he can as time e...
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    BYU football: Cougars confident, well-conditioned for season opener
    Gameday greetings from Lincoln, everyone. More than eight months since the Cougars fell 55-48 in double overtime to Memphis in the Miami Beach Bowl, ...
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    BYU football: Anae scaled back offense, but still says Cougs will play hard and fast
    I personally think that BYU’s chances of pulling off an upset as touchdown underdogs at Nebraska on Saturday hinge on whether a makeshift defense miss...
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    BYU basketball: At least 12 men’s games will air on ESPN networks
    The West Coast Conference announced Thursday that a minimum of 35 men’s basketball games involving WCC schools will air nationally on an ESPN network ...
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    BYU football: Koroma remains coy about opener
    Color me a bit surprised when BYU honored a couple reporters’ interview requests today and brought center Tejan Koroma to the football offices lobby. ...
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    BYU football: Bronco’s theory on captains: less is more
    When it comes to having team captains, less is more. That’s BYU coach Bronco Mendenhall’s theory — this year, at least — as the coach announced Monda...
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    BYU football: Notes and quotes from Bronco’s “favorite” practice of camp
    A rainy morning in Provo forced the BYU football team indoors today, but that didn’t stop coach Bronco Mendenhall from calling it his favorite practic...
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